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How To Get Revenge On Your Ex

All Our Revenge Tactics Are Anonymous, Untraceable, Legal
And Designed To Humiliate, Punish & Destroy Your Ex!

Send An Anonymous SMS Message

Send An Anonymous
SMS Text Message

Revenge In 60 Seconds !

Send A Time Released Anonymous SMS Message

Time Released Anonymous
SMS Text Message

Revenge When You Want !

Fake Caller ID SMS

SMS Where You Choose The Caller ID

Fake the Caller ID - Works A Treat!

Get Revenge - Fake Caller ID Time Released SMS

Time Released SMS Where You Choose The Caller ID

Fake Caller ID When You Want It!

Get Revenge - Fake Their Photos

Fake A Photo Of Your Ex - Absolutely Amazing

We Make The Camera Lie!!!

Send An Anonymous Video Message

Video Messages

Send A Video Message Using One Of Our Anonymous Characters

Get Revenge - Send An Anonymous Email

Send Your Ex An Email
"From" Someone Else

Send Your Ex The Ultimate Email

Get Revenge - Send A Time-Released Anonymous Email

Time Released Email Service

You'll already have your alibi!

Revenge Phone Calls

We'll Call Your Ex And Tell Them Absolutely Anything

Let us call your ex on the phone !

Get Revenge - Revenge Just Got Nasty

Send Your Ex A Sick & Twisted "Gift"

You have been warned :-)

Get Revenge - Anonymously Send A Letter

Write A Letter And Say Exactly What You Want

Everybody opens their mail!

Get Revenge -  Send A Nasty Package

Let The Postman Deliver A Nasty Suprise

Offensive & Shocking - Perfect!

Revenge Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Dolls - Our Scariest Revenge Tactic Ever!

Scare The Crap Out Of Your Ex!

scare the crap out of your ex

Your personal message
recorded on CD and posted

Imagine their horror as they listen

Get Revenge - Put Your Ex On The Internet

Put Their Photograph
On The Internet

Publicly Shame Your Ex

A complete website to ruin your ex's life!

A complete website
in their "honour"

Unleash The Power Of The Net!

Get Revenge - Send An Alternative Greeting Card

Send Them A Greeting Card They'll Never Forget

Not All Greeting Cards Are Nice!

Get Revenge - Advertise Your Ex's Sexual Services

Advertise Their Sexual Services

One of our personal favourites

The perfect certificate of merit for the loser in your life!

Alternative Certificates
Of Merit

Awards NOT To Be Proud Of!

Send An Anonymous Fax

Fax Service

Just type your fax and I do the rest!

Send an offensive e-Card

Send an offensive and anonymous eCard

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Research government records to dig the dirt on your ex

Access 1 Billion Government Data Records

Dig The Dirt - Knowledge Is Power!

Keep Yourself Protected Online

Everything that we do for you is completely anonymous - in fact, we are paranoid about anonymity.

However, we cannot protect your own PC and that is why we strongly recommend the use of Hide My IP software. It's the exact same software that we use and in over 8 years of getting revenge, we've never been found out!