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A Revenge Website, Developed By Us,
To Expose Your Ex To The World

The Ultimate Kiss & Tell Revenge Tactic

Just imagine - a whole website dedicated to exposing, humiliating and crushing your ex.

This revenge tactic really is the ultimate solution - you can say what you like, with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever!

We will work with you on a 1-to-1 basis to build you a bespoke website, dedicated to ruining your ex. We'll even promote the site for you as well!

Using our secure, offshore and untraceable location, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can expose even the most personal of details and there is absolutely nothing your ex can do about it - the site cannot be shut down!

You just work with us to supply us with all the information, photographs, details etc that you have and we do the rest.

You will have a whole team of revenge specialists working for you - helping you to get the ultimate revenge against your ex.

Once we have all the information from you, we will start to build your site and on average, it takes just 10 days before your site is created, launched and promoted!

Revenge has never been more powerful!!!

Price US $ 315.00      Average Customer Rating:

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Keep Yourself Protected Online

Everything that we do for you is completely anonymous - in fact, we are paranoid about anonymity.

However, we cannot protect your own PC and that is why we strongly recommend the use of Hide My IP software. It's the exact same software that we use and in over 8 years of getting revenge, we've never been found out!