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3 Common Traits Of Cheating Partners

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Infidelity is the leading challenge in relationships and marriages.

While it might be hard to know whether a partner is cheating or not, you can suspect it through how they carry themselves. Cheating partners have their own behaviours.

Here are 3 common traits of cheating partners;

1. Less intimate with you

Cheating people tend to be less intimate with their partners. They are also less committed to the relationship or marriage. In other words, you can know your partner is cheating when their sexual relationship with you is practically non-existent.

2. Flirty

Cheating partners are practically good flirts. Flirting with someone means you are interested in them romantically. Flirting is not necessarily cheating but can actually lead to cheating. It is a sign of disrespect when your partner flirts with other people of opposite sex in your presence or when you are away. It should be a red flag to you.

3. Lying

A cheat is really good at lying. They hardly say the truth and you really doubt whatever thing they say to you. They make false excuses for breaking plans or doing the opposite of what you had agreed. They can be so perfect in lying to a point that you see no reason to doubt them.
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